Greg Wilson

Actor / Tech Enthusiast

Hello, I am Greg Wilson and I’m a technology enthusiast and musician. I’ve worked in technology for over a decade doing everything from being a bench technician to enterprise system administration. I specialize in Microsoft virtualization and cloud technology.

When I’m not working on a computer, I play guitar and ukulele. Technology and art appear to be opposing disciplines, but I’ve found that they have an important singularity: there is no limit to what can be created with either.

Remember to pay special attention to that which you cannot backup.


Coronado Playhouse 2019

Feb 10, 2019

I picked up tickets to the upcoming Coronado Playhouse community theater season. They have an exciting lineup and I’ll be posting my my experiences.


Guys and Dolls

Mar 17, 2019

Tony award winning American musical about gamblers and consequences of falling in love. Presented by the Coronado Playhouse.


John Ferguson

Apr 5, 2019

Oak Park's Community Actors Theater is opening their summer season with the powerful play John Ferguson.


Tiger Woods on The Masters

Apr 15, 2019

In 1990, Tiger Woods (14) was interviewed by Trans World Sport. At the end of the interview, he had something powerful to say.



May 2, 2019

A doomed romance, the rise of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, and the Kit Kat Klub are all a part of this 1967 Broadway sensation.