Genesis WordPress Code Snippets

I recently came across a great resource for Genesis WordPress developers by Sridhar Katakam. View Sridhar’s Genesis & WordPress snippets resource here: TiddlyWiki Sridhar has used the very cool TiddlyWiki to publish his snippets. If you want to setup your own Wiki then you can grab it here - You can also visit Sridhar’s website for lots [continue reading...]

Two Free Online Tools To Minify Your CSS & JavaScript

There are plenty of great tools to minify your JavaScript and CSS. Here are 2 free online tools that you can quickly and easily use to minify both CSS and JavaScript. Minify JavaScript: Minify CSS: Both of these neat free CSS & JavaScript minification tools are provided by @andychilton Related posts: Browser Specific CSS and [continue reading...]

WordPress 3.9 Released – Jimmy Smith

WordPress 3.9 has just been released. Check out the video below to see the features in this new version called Jimmy Smith. Related posts: How to make Youtube videos responsive in WordPress

Domain Monetisation using WordPress & Amazon Affiliates

A domain name monetisation experiment When the new .shoes extension recently became available I did some research and acquired some domain names to experiment with domain name monetisation. I chose one of my new domains to test out the combination of WordPress and Amazon Affiliates. The  domain name I chose to use is The search term [continue reading...]